The Killcare Wagstaffe Trust, "The Trust", seeks to preserve the natural values of the area and its general ambiance, and to promote a sense of community and place.
In line with this aim of "The Trust", major planning and development proposals in the area are reviewed and a report made to the next general or committee meeting. Where it is thought appropriate, a response is made to Gosford City Council...

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KillcareThis website is dedicated to two amazing people, "The Stroms". Allen and Beryl had a lifetime involvement in the environmental movement and cultural heritage of New South Wales. 

The Strom house, situated within Bouddi National Park, has been bequeathed, with all their archives, to the NPWS for use as an environmental centre.

Allen and Beryl Strom important members of Killcare Wagstaffe TrustAllen and Beryl were very much involved in the negotiations that led to the establishment of the NPWS in 1967 and were passionate advocates for healthy, sustainable natural and built environments.

They were an inspirational couple, making countless historic studies, site inspections, proposals and additions for national Parks, numerous committees and the formation of the Environmental Education Association on the Central Coast. They both worked very hard for the Killcare Wagstaffe Trust.


What's New 

Photographic Competition 2013.

The  Trust’s  photo  competition is on again.

  The Competition is open to anyone living in the Central Coast region. Children are encouraged to enter. Each photograph must feature land and water – the water’s edge – from the coast or bays of the Bouddi peninsula

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